Shrubs, Plants & Hedge Care

At Flatters Gardening Services, we are fully qualified in Amenity Horticulture. Giving us the knowledge to provide you with expert advice and care for all your Shrubs and Hedges.

There are a variety of shrubs types for the domestic and commercial garden. Ranging in size, shape, growth speed and colour. Evergreen shrubs keep their colour all year and grow faster than deciduous shrubs, that will lose their leaves in the cooler months. 

Fast growing evergreen shrubs, like Laurels, Red Robin, Eleagnus Pungens Maculata, Aucuba Japonica and Leylandii are excellent for privacy. As they will maintain colour and size throughout the year. 

For security, the Pyracantha Firethorn is highly recommended, due to its very sharp thorns and fast growing evergreen nature. 

For a seasonal and ornamental shrub, the Acer Dissectum Atropurpureum (Japanese Maple) is an excellent choice. ​​

​We continually maintain shrubs and hedges throughout the year and will cut them if required, although we do a standard Autumn and Spring trim.

Shrubs that need more care are pruned by hand with secateurs and will get a standard height trim annually to encourage fresh growth every year.

We trim shrubs at the correct time of year to ensure the best results which means there is no incorrect trimming being carried out.